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Esperanto Language in Cambodia.

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Kroma Khmer

Meanwhile the development of our Country, Youths in Cambodia also have the updated idea for sharing and joining the social task in order to help and move the advance in our society forwards. Many youths are volunteering actively at many different places such as Cambodia Red Cross, Cambodia-Asian Youth Association, and other are joining community service to help poor people in rural area by donating food, and money. Moreover, all of them have helped the next generation of Cambodia, children by providing study material to erase the illiteracy in Cambodia.

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Why do youth want to help the society? According to coordinator of Cambodia Red Cross of Royal University, Mr. Reat Sokon, 27-year-old, said that nowadays the young people in Cambodia are enthusiastic in helping to other people by sharing experience of their studying, and saving the victims who are suffering from flood, accident and so on. They can get uncountable benefit from all of these volunteer seeing that all of they can know how to communicate and build more network in the society to simply them to get better job after graduating from university. Furthermore, they can get more priority for the scholarship because the volunteers have learned a number of useful things to move the advance of our country. Mr. Hem Chansopiak, 19-year-old and a year two student at Royal University of Agriculture had told that he have volunteer as the president of agriculture team for his university at Cambodia-Asian Youth Association in order to develop the advance of agriculture, the main factor of country’s development, and he also added that so far he has help to educate the health care of children and how to grow crops and it is the great time for him to take all the theories that he learned at school  to practice in the real life. For another volunteer student at Cambodia-Asian Youth Association, Mr. Sok Senghor, a year two student at University of Management said that he work volunteered due to the fact that he wants to know the situations that are happening in our society and want to educate other students to know about the situation of the society in the future as preparing for the ASIAN integration in 2015 and for the job market in the future to compite with other countries. Recently, I and some of my class-mate have join a community service to donate money and other material such as rice and other grocery to help the old people at Cambodia Retirement Village, located in Chambak Village, Chong Ompil Commune, Kang Chhreach District, Prey Veng Province, and we all have donate some study material to the children at the village as well. Furthermore, during the donation of the book, we all try to save this valuable time by educate the children by telling the novel and ask them to find the theme of the story and tell about the value of education of the book. This Association is created by the mastermind of Mr. Kim Vuthy, 29-year-old by the mean of being grateful to all the old people who are facing hardship in their lives such as begging money and living lonely. By seeing all of these difficulty, he think that one day if he has enough ability and chance, he will create one association in order to erase all the obstacles from the living of the old people. It is like the magic of the god that his unbelievable Continue Reading »

            This legend is the well-known legend, which is talked from mouth to mouth in Cambodia every year. When the Khmer Happy New Year eve is arriving, all the people are quite enthusiastic to know about the history of Khmer New Year’s celebration. On upon a time, there is a man whose name, Dhammabal Palakumar, who is the cleverest of other people and can deal with all kind of problems correctly, speak all animal’s and bird’s languages. On day this prestige was heard to Kabil Mahabrahma, the king of the heaven, and then he came to meet Dhammabal Palakumar at human’s world. Then, he asks three question to Palakumar and bet that if Palakumar cannot answer correctly, he have to cut his head. In contrast, if he can, Mahabrahma will cut his head as the loser. Mahabrahma ask Palakumar to give the definition of the happiness in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening by giving seven days to solve the questions.
From day-to-day have passed, and the pointing day is approaching, but Palakumar still cannot find out the right answer for Mahabrahma. He decides to go to forest to die there secretly. Fortunately, while sleeping under two palm tree, he heard a couple of eagles is having a small talk that tomorrow we will have corpse to eat because Mahabrahma bet with Palakumar with three questions and right now Palakumar cannot solve the questions, thus we really could eat him. After that, male eagle asked to female eagle what are the answers of those questions? Palakumar heard the talk of both angles that happiness in the morning of people is one the face that is why people wash the face after getting up; in the afternoon happiness of people appear on their chest, so people wash their chest, and in the evening happiness of people is on the feet that is why people wash their feet before going to bed.
The day of the appointment is arriving; Palakumar give the answer to Mahabrahma correctly, then on behalf of the loser, Mahabrahma have to cut his head but before cutting ask seven of his daughters put his head on the golden dish by saying that if his head falls on the ground, it will get on fire and burn everything on the earth. Moreover, if that head falls in to the ocean, ocean will become dry. From that time on, seven of his daughters need to take turn in order to take care her father’s head every year. This is the scene of legend which is talked and spoken from mouth to mouth in Cambodia.

This book is the Third achievement of students Batch 11 at Department of Media and Communication (DMC).


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